Uber partners with Delhi police for women protection

We Indians talk of women safety but are we actually  concerned about that. According to the culture, it is said that women are to be respected and taken good care of. Nobody has the right to defame and touch a woman sanctity.  Considered as embodiment of Goddess, all women are to be loved and given their due respect.

Sadly, the morality and the teachings have been perverted.  The sense of equality, respect  has been lost somewhere.  Rather than protecting or respecting a woman, people derive pleasure in laying their hands on their prestige. They want to prove their manliness by ill-treating or defaming a woman. Such is the sad state of the country.


Educating the youth of today is of paramount importance along with creating awareness among women that all is not lost. The good Samaritans are still working for the protection and dignity of women.

It is time to rise and look for a solution. Various organizations have worked towards this but in this digital or tech savvy world,  a feature of app or a quick message best helps.  A woman in trouble should be able to contact poilce or anybody for help via her device in hand.

Uber has done  a tremendous job in this.

Ride sharing company Uber has announced its partnership with Delhi Police to allow quick access to Himmat, a women safety mobile app, through the rider app.

Since its launch in January 2015, around 90,000 people have downloaded the “Himmat app” and it currently has over 31,000 registered users. Now, Uber aims to act as a force multiplier and expand its access to all of Uber’s women riders.

This app is amazingly good as it helps in the best possible manner. Combining access to the Himmat app through Uber is a big step towards strengthening the safety net available to lakhs of women riders.

We salute the efforts taken by the Delhi Police to prioritize the safety of women and believe that the “Himmat app” is a great initiative in this direction.”

It’s important for us to focus on safety and we are glad that Uber is taking us to more women. This App is only for mobile phones working on Android, since a survey has revealed that most working women use Android based phone. In due course this can be used on various other phones.


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