Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India

Digital marketing is a big platform to promote the business. It is very vast online network to reach customers. Today, the greater part of organizations have their social presence and websites too because the world is going Digital.Receiving the Digital marketing stage to advance your business is the best thing you can do. Here is a list of top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in India. Whether you want to make a career in Digital marketing or want to grow your business these companies will be best for you.

1. Pinstrom: Pinstrom is an integrated digital marketing company. It offers display campaigns, Web and mobile presence, online community, advertising, search engine marketing, search optimization, SMS, WAP, and email marketing services.

Location: Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Zurich and Santa Clara.

Year Founded: 2004

Business Services: Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management etc.

2. Webchutney: Webchutney has worked with some leading organizations in India. They have made some award winning and memorable campaigns for their clients that have helped the brands to support and associate with their audience. They focus mainly on providing best possible service with solutions that are measurable to their clients.

Location: Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore

Year Founded: 1999

Business Services: Online advertising, Website Designing, Mobile Marketing, SEO, Analytics, Application Development and Social Media.

3. Outsourcing Technologies: Outsourcing Technologies is one of the largest digital marketing based company which has effectively provided Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click services to client across the globe. They deliver quality online marketing solutions to enhance your visibility.

Location: Haryana, India

Year Founded: 2001

Business Services: Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Google Penalty Recovery, Web Designing, Web Development.

4. Gozoop: Gozoop is an India’s largest digital marketing agency specializing in Online Reputation Management (ORM), Search Engine Optimization etc.

Location: Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai

Year Founded: 2010

Business Services: Integrated Digital Campaigns, Online PR, Mobile Marketing, Web Businesses, Social Media Marketing

5. Techmagnate: Techmagnate is a Top digital marketing agency in India. It provides full-suite internet marketing services. This incorporates everything from re-planning the site, SEO, Online Reputation Management to creating on the web applications to connect with your clients.

Location: New Delhi, India

Year Founded: 2006

Business Services: Web Designing, Search Engine Optimization

6. EveryMedia: EveryMedia word is a full service digital marketing company. They provide end to end digital marketing campaigns and are pioneers in Design, Development & Technology.

Location: Mumbai

Year Founded: 2009

Business Services: SEO, PPC, SEM, SEO, Video Shooting, Digital PR and many more.

7. iProspect India: iProspect is the country leading and multi award-winning digital marketing agency. iProspect India believes in extending a human touch to the realm of digital marketing.

Location: New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune.

Year Founded: 1997

Business Services: Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, paid search advertising, online display advertising management, paid inclusion management, shopping feed management, global search engine marketing, Web analytics/attribution modeling

8. BC Web Wise: BC Web Wise is an online digital advertising and marketing agency. It is famous in their world class creatives and strategies. The company helps in streamlining and optimizing its processes, so a timely and quality delivery of services including web development, media planning, SEM, intranet development, and many more are offered.

Location: Mumbai

Year Founded: 2000

Business Services: Social Media Optimization, Intranet Development, Email Marketing, Media Planning & Buying, Search Engine Marketing,Website Development, Video Production, Animation, ORM etc.

9. Brainwork Technologies: Brainwork Technologies provide web-based solutions to build your online presence. . Their aim is to convey imaginative answers for rising organizations and help them in achieving their clients quicker.

Location: New Delhi in India, Australia, UK, US, Belgium in Europe, and Canada.

Year Founded: 2000

Business Services: Content Writing,Web Development,Web Designing, Internet Marketing

10. AliveNow: AliveNow is an award winning, online digital marketing agency. AliveNow has 2 core business units – Digital Agency and Newsfeed SmartApps, a digital product unit.

Year Founded: 2009

Location: Based in Bangalore, India with operations in Dubai and London

Business Services: Social Media Management, Digital Marketing, Facebook Application Development, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Social Media Applications, Digital Technology, Website Development, Social Media Consulting, Newsfeed SmartApps, Facebook Newsfeed App.


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