The Tech City in Troubled Water

The heavy rains in Hyderabad not only disrupted lives but also took lives of many.  Officialism attributed this Mayhem similar to cloudburst as  some areas  recorded 7-12 cm of rainfall.

The twin city was all waterlogged making life difficult. The city suffered immensely with the traffic running at a snail’s pace.

Arrival and departure of flights at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport was also affected. Such bad was the situation on the roads that it led to the fury of people.

The high tech city was all in waters. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has urged the official machinery to be on high alert. He also directed officials to take up relief work and respond to problems wherever they occurred.

The whole city was  in a sad state hitting the economic growth also as the work also suffered to some extent.

Heavy rains disrupted  Hyderabad this week, leading to complete water logging and traffic jams across the city. Three people have been killed in rain related incidents.

The government should adopt some measures to handle a situation like this. the need of better roads and drainage system is a must to overcome such issues. How can a country let its people die for a reason of heavy rains.

The tech city with its abundant growth should also focus on issues like this and resolve it at its best.


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