Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi – The Strongest Bond

A beautiful festival which is celebrated all over India and parts of Asia with a whole lot of excitement and enthusiasm.  A festival which is a significance of the strong bond between brother and sister or siblings.

Coming in the month of  (Sharavan), the day marks complete joy where both brother and sister forget their fights, sibling rivalry and desperately wait for each other.  According to the rituals, the brother is supposed to  protect his sister for lifetime from harm and vows to always keep her safe. The modern world still holds that charm of the brother protecting his sister but now in return, the sister also feels committed to help her brother.

The depthness of the festival

The festival is more than just the sisters tying a decorated thread knot on the wrist of their brothers and in return the brothers gifting their sisters. It is a lifetime bond which cannot be expressed in words. A bond of pure love  and care, a bond which  is unconditional, a bond which is selfless.

This amazing festival is celebrated with different energies and fervour all over Asia. Some examples can be seen here.


This is celebrated with the flying of kites not the small traditional kites but they use special string for flying them. The sky looks beautiful with colour spread all over.

West Bengal and Odisha

The festival begins with the worship of Lord Ram and Seeta. The siblings celebrate together eating sweets.


In Maharashtra and the coastal regions of Western India, the festival is called Naarali Poornima and celebrated worshiping the sea.


The festival itself is called Janaeu Purnima and celebrated with all family members. The people pray to Shiva and offer their obeisances.


The state of Gujarat celebrates the festival of Pavitropana along with the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

North India

The gusto is no less here with sisters beautifully dressed and visiting homes of their brothers. Exchanging of gifts and eating a sumptuous and lavish meal together with lots of fun is amazingly fun and great here in North India.

The festival rakhi makes each one forget their grievances and hard feelings if any and live with love and happiness together.


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