All You Need to Know About Chat Bots

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, the tech companies have started to provide exciting messenger apps. The usefulness and the interactive approach of the apps have presented hundreds of bots in the market.

One popular chat application, Kik recently launched its Bot Shop. Even Facebook is planning to launch their bot store for their messenger. In fact, almost every brand has started to move towards the chat bot for their brand.

Here are all the things that you need to know about chat bots to make up your mind about using them.

What is a chat bot?

In simple words, Chat bots are the programs that use artificial intelligence. This AI allows the program to mimic the conversation with people without any interruption. Different self-initiated tasks shift to a quasi-conversation, hence, the interaction with the Internet gets much better.

The newly launched Kik Bot Store comes with a total of 16 bots. These bots provide various features such as H&M, Weather Channel, Vine, and others. However, the platform is open for the developers to add their own features without going against the Kik’s teen-centric guidelines.

The function of the bot makes the information collection much easier. For instance, the Weather Channel bot from Kik can provide you information with just one chat. The bot saves your time from going to the browser and typing the name of the website and then typing the zip code to attain the forecast.

How smartly does the chat bot works?

If we talk about the weather bot, it is not that smart as you expect it to be. For instance, if you type “what is the temperature now?” it might suggest you stay with the prescribed inputs such as “current conditions” and others. There are a few issues that can irritate you a bit.

The Vine bot offered by Kik allows you to see the vines you might like. The suggestions come to you, then, the bot sends a video accordingly.

The H&M bot asks a series of questions in order to understand your style. Then, the bot starts recommending various outfits according to the conclusions of those questions.

Is this a revolutionary technology?

Well, right now, chat bots are trying to diminish the app individuality. So, you don’t have to close one app and open other. If you want a service, then, just send a direct message to the company and ask for it. One single chat contact can allow you buy game tickets, schedule your beauty appointment, order delivery and even send gifts to someone.

You don’t have to download different apps to get the services. So, if you are ready for the change, the bot is a reliable technology for you.

Is there a threat?

Remember “Tay”. Yes, the Twitter chat bot launched by Microsoft in March. The bot was supposed to become something like a millennial. So, the bot started taking all the wrong things.

However, the developers have started working on making the bots more intelligent. The restrictions allow the bots to keep the controversial stuff out.


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