Got a printer that stops without having a particular problem?

As we know that a printer, be it of any brand like HP, Canon, Dell, Epson, Kodak, Samsung, or Brother,  plays a very important role in every business. It is needed exhaustively to generate hard copies of documents and text files. However, this printing equipment tend to malfunction sometime, especially when we need it the most.

Today, the majority of people have printers connected to both desktop computer and laptop. Printing is now needed almost every hour of the day so, it is essential to have Printers in top working condition all the time. Sometimes major problems like spooler (a program that queues the print jobs/commands) come up, which can lead to paper jams and eat your time.

But, this is just one problem with printer, there could be many.

Let me share my experience with you.

I purchased a new printer, and was very excited about it. The printer vendor told me that they will send a guy to configure the printer with the computer. I waited for almost 3 hours and then called him vendor again. He told me that the technician is not available today so you will have to wait until today or tomorrow. I got really disappointed after listening this.

After that, I opened the printer kit to configure it by myself but couldn’t understand anything. I felt like pulling my hairs in frustration on the vendor.

In the evening, while I was surfing the Internet I found an online remote support provider, which  proved to be very helpful in getting my printer configured. It was altogether a new experience for me.

At first, I shared my problem with the technician and got a reply, “Don’t worry, I will install the printer driver for you”. The technician then solved my issue in less than 20 minutes. I got so overwhelmed with the problem-solving approach that I subscribed their annual services for printer and peripheral support for my computer.

Here are some other printer issues that one can get online support for: –

Print stuck

Spooler error

Networking a printer

Using photo printing wizard

Setting a wireless network

Now, I can lay back and relax. I don’t have to call the vendor anymore. Whenever I get in any sort of trouble, I call on toll-free number, and that’s all.

It not only takes care of the issues about installing the driver, but online tech support also provides printer support for Windows 8, printer support for Ipad, and much more.

I made my move to a comfortable printing experience with experts by my side. Have you?

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