An Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence: Benefits and Risks

The intelligence of human beings has allowed all the benefits of the civilization. And now, we have achieved an advanced level of intelligence with the AI. However, the benefits are always going to stay until we keep evaluating the risks.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is not those human like robots you see in the Sci-Fi movies. The smart self-driving cars, Google’s search algorithms, and SIRI are the real-life examples of AI. However, the current AI is known as a ‘Weak AI’, as they work to perform a narrow task.

The researchers are working on creating general AI. The general AI will have the capacity to outperform humans in all kinds of cognitive tasks.

Why are safety precautions important?

As we move towards the general AI, it is important to keep the safety precautions in mind. Many experts question the safety and security of the industries and general human life in the presence of general AI. The strong or the general AI can outperform human in all cognitive tasks, which makes it threatening. However, with the research towards goal focused AI creation can help reduce the threats.

What are the biggest concerns?

When it comes to the super intelligent AI, they can become a risk in some cases such as:

  1. When the technology is under the control of wrong people

Even a good technology can become dangerous to mankind when wrong people have control over it. We all know how autonomous weapons can become a great threat when wrong people handling it. One wrong person can lead to mass destructions. Hence, the threat of an AI war can rise.

  1. An AI starts overriding the programs to achieve the goals

The obedience of an AI can become a problem as well. A super intelligent AI can override its programming in order to achieve the goals. This overriding can turn a secure and good AI into a destructive and dangerous one.

The one thing that is sure with AIs is the achievability of the goals. But, whether those goals can benefit us or not is the question to ask.

What moves are being taken towards AI safety?

Though the technology might take about 50 years, the big names in the science and technology have started showing interest in making moves now. The names like Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and others have shown their concern regarding the AI safety. Hence, we are setting safety milestones for strong AI.

Important facts about advanced AI

  • There is no fixed time line, under which, we should expect the super intelligent AI.
  • Not only the technology conservatives, but the expert AI researchers worry about the safety.
  • AI will become threatening only when their goals misalign with ours.
  • Super intelligence of the advanced AI can control humans, just like we control other animals.
  • Machines can have their own goals according to their programming. An AI can take different paths to reach the goals.
  • The safety precautions are being made by the experts.

While the advanced AI is decades away, the concerns are getting the attention of the experts now.


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