Dawood Ibrahim’s worth $6.7 billion property frozen by British authorities

A man who started wrongly created huge wealth only to be seized by the government.

He has been absconding and rumors also claim him to be dead. The news about his death is still a mystery to him.

Dawood, who Indian agencies claim runs his crime empire from Cliffton area in Karachi, Pakistan, appears on the latest UK Treasury department’s Consolidated List of Financial Sanctions Targets, updated last month.

dawood ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim, the notorious gangster is originally from Dongri in Mumbai, India.He was number three on the The World’s 10 Most Wanted list. Ibrahim is widely believed to have masterminded the March 1993 bombings in Bombay. In 2003, the Indian and United States governments declared Ibrahim a “Global Terrorist.”

He was one of the richest gangsters of all time. In 2015, Forbes estimated Dawood Ibrahim’s net asset at US$ 6.7 billion.

The UN list has put now out 15 aliases of Dawood Ibrahim. These are: Dawood Ebrahim, Sheikh Dawood Hassan, Abdul Hamid Abdul Aziz, Anis Ibrahim, Aziz Dilip, Daud Hasan Shaikh Ibrahim Kaskar, Daud Ibrahim Memon Kaskar, Dawood Hasan Ibrahim Kaskar, Dawood Ibrahim Memon, Dawood Sabri, Kaskar Dawood Hasan, Shaikh Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman, Dowood Hassan Shaikh Ibrahim, Shaikh Ismail Abdul and Hizrat.

Citing a media report, BJP has claimed that properties worth Rs 15000 crore owned by Dawood Ibrahim, one of India’s most wanted criminals, have been seized in the UAE on the basis of a dossier provided by the Indian government.

Meeting a tragic life and a life full of obstacles and ups and downs is what was destined for him. A man who amassed abundant wealth has to go paupers.


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